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Homeopathy is a treatment that is based on the belief that each person should be considered as a physical, emotional and spiritual whole and not just in terms of this or her isolated symptoms. During an initial consultation, the homeopath will therefore ask you a multitude of questions, both relating to your physical and emotional wellbeing. She will then use this comprehensive information to select a specific treatment or remedy that can support your body’s self-healing powers. In acute cases, you may experience rapid relief from your symptoms. For chronic conditions, the treatment aims at a more profound restoration of your body. This requires time and patience and results may take several weeks or months, in severe cases even longer.

This is a specific gentle diagnostic and therapeutic tool that works using typical wavelengths and frequency patterns. It enables the treating physicals to discover hidden causes of diseases. The thinking behind bioresonance is based in the latest findings and hypotheses of biophysics and quantum physics, although it has yet to become an accepted medical procedure by the mainstream.


Check up to visit the Kindergarten 5,00 €
The child is able to swim 5,00 €
Sports capability 5,00 €
Medical certificate (e.g. movie or theatre) 5,00 €
Short medical certificate 2,00 €
Check up before staying abroad GOÄ Pos. 1-8-85 50,00 €
Vaccination certificate/prophylaxis booklet duplicat 5,00 €
Atteste per set 1,-€